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a b o u t  t a m a r a

TBond 1.jpg

The Inspirationalist. The Educator. The Inculcator.

The Cheerleader.

Tamara Bond is devoted to helping others and serving with a spirit of excellence. A three-time presidential award winner with a premier luxury automotive company, for over 20 years Tamara has worked and held a series of positions with increasing responsibility. She has managed multi-million-dollar strategic projects and trained over 1,000 employees, managers and senior leaders. With a passion for development, Tamara has planned and executed women’s summits, workshops, and networking experiences, where participants have gathered to discuss women in the workplace and women in leadership.

Sought after, by women seeking to grow in their own professional careers, Tamara has fulfilled a need for a positive outlet for corporate, professional and entrepreneurial women to come together, leverage each other’s experiences and grow beyond their current reality. Corporate Girl Rising, a wholistic success movement and professional development company – which is committed to encouraging and supporting emerging and transitioning professional women, has allowed Tamara to expand her reach and impact the development of women across the country.

In addition, Tamara enjoys creating lifestyle experiences, unique learning opportunities, and planning and executing premier events for the Corporate Girl Rising community and clients. Leveraging her platform to reach back and curate the future, Tamara actively serves as a member of the board of directors for StepUp Dallas – an organization committed to the development and college readiness for high school girls in underserved communities.

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