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Red Light. Green Light. 3 Ways to Know if You Should Consider a Move

Updated: May 14, 2023

During my 20-year corporate career, I’ve seen a plethora of women - including myself - stay in this one place in their careers that hurts them and those around them. You’ve probably been there a time or two, as well. Know what that place is called? Stuck Ville. Its streets include Undervalued Ave., Passive Blvd., and Longing Drive.

You might be in this place for reasons such as financial worries, self-esteem issues, confusion about what you want next, or fear of starting a new job. These are all valid feelings, yet that doesn’t necessarily mean that your feelings are correct, nor does it mean that you should let your feelings take the driver's seat of the vehicle called your life.

I need you to remember this: You ARE a woman that brings knowledge, experience, and critical thinking to the table. You are meant for great things, but the responsibility is yours to take. You don’t need to stay somewhere where you’re tolerated. You should be somewhere where you’re acknowledged and celebrated. It's time to reevaluate where you are and where you're going.

“I hear what you’re saying, Tamara, but how can I determine that?

In this blog, I’m going to challenge you to assess and meditate on your circumstances as we travel down these different streets in Stuck Ville to get you to your final destination: Abundance. Let’s take a ride and see if you're in a place where you can grow or if it's time for you to go.

Undervalued Ave.

Consider the following questions if you believe your job has your address listed on Undervalued Ave. Are your accomplishments getting recognized? Does your manager or team appreciate your contributions? Are you getting properly compensated for your high-quality work? If the answers to these questions are no and have been addressed to your team or leadership with no explanation or resolution, then it might be time to explore different options.

Passive Blvd.

As we ride down Passive Blvd, you’ll see the beginnings of hopeful corporate women who were initially excited about their work, but have now completely lost their fervor. Please, don’t misunderstand me! There will ALWAYS be times where there is stress with your job or even times when you may not want to log in. It’s rare to find yourself happy every single day at work, BUT you can still be passionate. Passion doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be happy, but you are motivated. You have the drive to make sure the work gets done. However, once you lose organic interest and become indifferent to your work, it may be a bright neon sign indicating that it’s time to reroute to a different destination.

Longing Drive. Once you pass all these streets, your internal GPS may lead you to Longing Drive. Make sure you have your seatbelt on because this is where it gets uncomfortable. Here is where you start yearning for something more. Here, you are battling with mixed emotions that lead you to think something radical: “I am meant for something better than this!” While a statement like this may sound boastful or arrogant, you can’t ignore these feelings and emotions. This is your internal GPS trying to point you in the direction of a place where you can leverage your passions and receive more joy, recognition and reward. A place called Abundance. If you’re feeling that you’re made for something beyond what you're currently working in, it may be time to start planning your exit from Stuck Ville and moving forward toward your new destination.

Knowing that it’s time to move on is one thing. Taking that leap of faith and doing it is scary. I get it: I’ve been there! There are plenty of women just like you that know they are meant for something greater and want their passion back. That’s why I created an encouraging community of like-minded women where we learn from other women focused on leveraging our passions for greatness: Corporate Girl Network. In this community, you’ll be able to network, build your skills, and enjoy FREE masterminds. Get ready to expand your network while engaging in some fun social experiences and discussions all curated for you. Plus, you’ll have access to customized personal and professional development opportunities designed to motivate, encourage, and inspire transformational growth. Click here to join Corporate girl Network: Inspiring Success Through Mentorship & Community. We’ll be waiting for you there!

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